The times when companies were able to choose their employees are over. Nowadays it’s the other way around. Potential specialists and executives are more easily recruited when they know what the company stands for, what their development plans are and what distinguishes the company from other employers.

Strong brand – strong employees: As successful HR consultants we also support companies in the field of employer branding: Establishing and maintaining your company as an employer brand you do have a much better access to top employees. And it’s them, in turn, who have a positive effect on your company brand – once more: a cycle of success.

Your company as a strong character: the employer branding is part of the strategic company measures. We take specific measures to strengthen your employer brand: for example campaigns or the participation in selected recruiting events. Additionally, we develop your own strategic concept for a continuous and lasting approach. In this context both your external communication and successfully establishing and managing your internal processes are crucial.

The schedule for a successful employer brand

360° EXECUTIVES supports you with established concepts and expert knowledge, starting with an analysis of the current state. After that, we agree upon realistic aims. On the basis of this we define an individual concept of approach. The results are: established processes as well as a raised awareness in regard to the relevant soft skills. With the help of our package of measures you can continue to establish your employer brand on your own.

The advantages of a successful employer brand:

  • More and qualitatively better applicants out of which you can choose the most suitable one
  • Content employees due to a better fit and a stronger identification with the company
  • The low fluctuation creates a company value: projects flow smoothly avoiding costs for frequent replacements
  • A good reputation is invaluable

Improve your employer brand with us, so that your company can soon shine from the inside and out!