Abiding by our high quality standards, we also recruit expert staff for your company. That means specialists without disciplinary employee responsibility with special knowhow in areas such as strategic purchase, key account managers, sales managers, production engineers, it experts, etc.

Whether it involves a concealed replacement or the build-up of a new position: We provide the base for a professional, relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, it is important for us to be familiar with the philosophy and aims of your company in advance to be able to find the approach that works best for you.

With our experts we search for your experts: With the expert search it is the competence of the consultant in charge that is crucial. For each 360° EXECUTIVES consultant we ensure a professional approach and experience. Furthermore, we support our consultants with our multilingual back offices. We thus make it possible for you to complete your search projects quickly and successfully.

There are many ways to reach your goal: To recruit experts, the 360° EXECUTIVES consultants use the ‘classical’ direct search as well as social networking – we offer our partners the complete range.

Our approach to expert search


How do you find the specialists you need? When searching for executives or specialists, it is often not possible to reach them through advertisements. For positions with an extremely challenging requirement profile or with a limited number of candidates we try to find the suitable person for you by means of a specific approach, which could be described as follows:

Our search strategy

1. Developing a requirement profile for the position to be filled: After developing the requirement profile (often 15 – 20 pages long) with you, the direct search starts with the definition of your target companies and discussing your prior search experience. Part of this first step is a competition and market analysis of your line of business.

2. Identifying and contacting suitable experts: After identifying suitable candidates successfully we try to enthuse them with the vacant position in your company. As we have to win their trust, we always contact the candidates personally, either by telephone or by scheduling a personal interview.

3. Personal interviews: The personal interviews will be documented in writing and presented to you afterwards. For a successful project progression we support the candidates and participate in their interviews with you.

4. Your decision: After we have presented suitable candidates, you decide which of them fits best into your company. We will help you and the candidate to reach a mutually satisfying result.

5. Long-term support: An important aspect of the personnel recruitment is the continuous support of the client and candidates by the consultant in charge. Your 360° EXECUTIVES consultant will take care of that even after the project has finished.