Professional search for new members of the board of directors and advisory board.

In Germany, we are coming to realize that a highly qualified and active board of directors or advisory board acting as sparring partner of the top management has a substantial influence on the economic success of the company.

Personality of board menbers, their social network and economic independence allow controversial discussions.

When putting together this board, the individual members should come from different areas of expertise so that members complement each other and offer different perspectives.

As companies are developing to be more international and working on optimizing their shareholder value, work load for the executive as well as advisory boards has increased. Furthermore, image and liability risks have become more apparent, especially for companies in crisis. Legal regulations also seem to put more and more strain on the executive board.

Our recruitment and consulting expertise enables us to localise and recruit precisely fitting members for executive and advisory boards.

Our team at UNIQUE EXECUTIVES is able to win over great personalities who work proactively, professionally and reliably in the executive board. We guarantee an objective selection process in which we make sure that potential conflicts of interests will not arise.