What exactly does success mean? What is the secret behind success? And how can you successfully make history with your company?

One of the factors contributing to the success of 360° EXECUTIVES is the extent of the partners‘ experience. Dr Ronald Wimmer, executive partner of the company, has been a consultant for 30 years and Volkmar Halbe, partner of the company, has 25 years of experience in international functions as CEO and CFO in medium-sized corporations.

Success by looking ahead

Our clients appreciate our unconventional cooperation. We do not only measure ourselves by how fast a project is completed but also by how sustainable our service is. This guarantees a quick Return to Invest for the client as well as the reliability of the partner.

Success by having inside knowledge

Our partners and consultants are experienced professionals who are experts in the different sectors. We have cultivated long-term and successful business relationships within the sectors specialise in. Thus, we are able to understand your situation perfectly. Our sense of responsibility for the importance of the task and professional and effective execution has brought us to where we stand today.

Success by working strategically

It is not always easy to find suitable employees. Two worlds collide: the requests and experiences of the applicants on one hand and the expectations and demands of the job profile on the other hand. How is it possible to combine those seemingly opposing conditions?

Choosing our company means choosing a sophisticated and effective executive search process!