We are entrepreneurs, think like entrepreneurs and we aim to boost and ensure the economic success of other and companies with practical, tailored management solutions.

We are therefore able to recruit effective top performers for your company:

UNIQUE EXECUTIVES stands for a thorough recruitment process – we are able to find, recruit and keep managers who fit into your corporate culture, share the same values and who work well with the managerial style of the superior manager.

No matter whether we

  • Recruit effective top performers for your company
  • Help you with top management tasks such as searching for a new member for the board of directors or a new general manager
  • Advise you on topics such as your involvement with a portfolio company or in your role as a venture capital investor
  • Coach your expert and management staff with the aim of having the right employees at the right time and place and the appropriate skill set
  • Assess your employee’s strengths and weaknesses through management audits or
  • Support you with all other relevant HR questions and enquiries such as searching for expert staff, analysis of potential, interim management, employer branding etc.

the two things that are most important to us are

Mutual trust and the EFFECTIVENESS of our work.