Do you know your employees potential?

You should, because undiscovered potential means wasterd and lost capital. The analysis of potential is a comprehensive instrument that illuminates your and your present and future employees‘ personal strengths and aptitudes.

We see behind the curtain

A certain combination of several testing procedures helps our experienced consultants to define a profile of the strenths, weaknesses and personality features of the employees selected by you. You can make optimal use only of discovered potential – by applying an analysis of potential, an employee knows his strengths and weaknesses and is thus able to advance systematically.

In which cases does an analysis of potential make sense?

The evaluation also highlights the key qualifications of your employees. Thus, we are able to determine the effect they have on their career and your company. Disclosed deficits can be improved with the help of personnel development:

  1. Generally for everyone who wants to advance personally
  2. For managers, employees or departments whose performance is not satisfactory
  3. Identifying specific advancement strategies in order to improve the efficiency of the individual, the department and the company
  4. As part of the selection process for new employees
  5. When associated companies evaluate the human resource capital of portfolio companies
  6. As the key medium term corporate profit increases

Are any of these applications suitable for you? In that case we would be pleased to discover the potential of your human capital!