Recognize what’s coming at an early stage. Detect chances and risks when they are still small. The ideal concept of a well-staffed board of directors? No, inevitable requirement if you want an effective board of directors by your side.

Having the right people in your consultative group is the key to success. Especially expert knowhow and knowledge about interests of entrepreneurial families are important as well as economic and personal independence!

The requirements for a suitable board member have changed along with the respective legal regulations – more professionalism is demanded: liability guidelines have become stricter. The German Act to Modernise Accounting Law (BilMoG) is applicable as well.

For a good board of directors it is essential that the members bring in different experiences and that they complement each other in respect to their personality. The members’ varying strengths cover the needed professional qualifications of the board of directors in an optimal way. Thus, they can consult and supervise the directory as good as possible.

We will find the right combination of personalities for your board of directors. Our consultants guarantee excellent results as we take advantage of many years of experience, specific branch know-how and an extensive contact network.